About Us

ODIN Aviation has a strong, and intermediate infrastructure to provide a wide spectrum of services for Aviation Industry. The main shareholders of ODIN Aviation are two, young and dynamic businessmen having a strong international business background. Their worldwide transactions both in aviation and trading for long years enabled them to create a worldwide network. During the establishment period of ODIN, the most important facts for the shareholders were:


ODIN Aviation contracted several professionals who are well known and reputable on their duties and responsibilities. Our experienced team is innovative and entrepreneurial. We have steady growth, financial stability and sustained profit enabling us to secure reliable transactions. Our customer list is impressive more than one website could possibly list. By utilizing our network of offices, customers have found time and time again that our local and international expertise has saved money for their businesses. The loyalty shown by our clients is proof of our continuing success.

Our strategic partners located in every Continent give us the opportunity to provide secure and fast service.