Cargo Charters

If you have a quantity of cargo to move quickly which is too large for scheduled airlines and required too quickly for surface transport, chartering a freighter aircraft will often prove to be the most financially viable option. The contracted aircraft of ODIN Aviation can serve you in the business of locating the right type of cargo aircraft for your needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our aim is to provide a personally tailored product through hands on professional approach.

The advantages of cargo charter:

Outsize Cargo – a freighter aircraft can operate with heavy, large and valuable pieces of freight direct from source to final destination.
Emergency Shipments - urgent spare parts for AOG aircraft, stricken tankers/container ships and halted production lines can be delivered without constraints of scheduled airlines. Often the money saved will more than offset the cost of the charter.
Humanitarian Aid – Adaptable aircraft can operate to unconventional airfields at short notice to deliver relief goods and urgently needed equipment, operating outside the possible constraints of that country’s surface infrastructure.
We are in direct contact with all major cargo charter airlines, and aim to source the aircraft and price that most suits your particular requirement.