Med Evac Flights

ODIN Aviation facilitates Emergency Medical Evacuation Aircraft (Medevac), and Emergency Evacuation Aircraft Charter Services for emergency rescue and safe worldwide. ODIN Aviation is also capable to facilitate Emergency Medical Services. The Company provides Air Ambulances with stretchers, doctors, Intensive Care Unit, CPR, oxygen and other required medical equipment for flying critical patients to hospital or simply special aircraft for transportation of the aged and patients with limited mobility.

ODIN Aviation deals in aircraft of all types including helicopters. The company also offers an Emergency Evacuation Standby Program for corporations for the added safety of personnel working in difficult locations.

The experienced personnel on call 24 hours, seven days a week, provides rapid response to enquiries for Emergency Charter requirements. In an Emergency Evacuation, time is the most precious commodity. ODIN Aviation has long-term relations with airlines, aircraft owners and operators and is in the position to source aircraft to and from any part of the world in the minimum time possible.