VIP Aircraft

Whatever your requirement is, ODIN Aviation can transport you or arrange to transport you with unmatched speed and comfort to airports anywhere in the world -- many not served by scheduled airlines. You optimize your time and enhance your productivity while avoiding the hassles of cumbersome boarding procedures and congested airports. ODIN Aviation should be your first choice for VIP & Executive Charters because:

• Safety-driven operations and procedures
Unlike most charter companies, we have separate Flight Standards, Maintenance Standards, and Safety departments committed to enhancing your safety. All jets in the portfolio are low aged and maintained in accordance to highest worldwide standards.

• Experienced, well-trained pilots:
Both pilots on every aircraft are fully qualified as Pilot-in-Command and have at least 4,000 hours of flying experience.

• Commitment to customer service:
Flight attendants trained in safety and comfort extend exceptional service and will make your trip a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The VIP & Executive Service will start upon your arrival to the terminal.